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Giving pet snacks to our furry friends is not only showing the love of a pet parent, it could be a kind of reward that you give to your pets for good behaviour and in the continuous training. In Petshack, we provide a wide range of pet snacks in HK, such as natural snacks, supplement treats, dental treats, etc. There may be a question that comes to your mind. What kinds of pet snacks should I buy? When is it suitable to treat pet snacks? What should I pay attention to? Let us tell you more.

What is the best timing to treat our furry friends with pet snacks?

Here are two timings to treat with pet snacks: Use pet snacks to reinforce pets’ good behaviours When you give training to your pet, you have to provide them with some treats as a reward. For example, urinate in the right place, listen to basic commands, learn a new trick,etc. Feeding pet snacks before going to bed can help training young pets to sleep peacefully If you give your pet some snacks before going to bed, it knows that it has to stop playing and sleep after the treat. This can train them to calm down and sleep on a regular basis.

How many types of pet snacks in HK online pet shop?

Our HK online pet food shop offers a few categories of pet snacks in HK: natural snacks, supplement treats, dental treats, freeze-dried diets, treats for training, etc. Natural Snacks Generally divided into two types, one is to add vegetables, fruits and legumes, such as blueberries, cranberries, chickpeas, peas, etc.; the other is to add meat, such as salmon, lamb, etc. Supplement Treats Special pet snacks formulated for joints, skin, mouth, and stability. Dental Treats Its softness, shape, and taste are numerous, and the main purpose is to maintain oral hygiene and fresh breath. Some cleansing bones will emphasize the reduction of dental calculus. Freeze-dried diets Taking the prototype of food, using a low temperature or freeze-drying. Most of the venison, lamb, and beef snacks are imported from overseas. Low temperature or freeze-drying can maintain the original food, original flavour, and full nutrition. Treats for Training Give your pets some snacks that they love the most such as biscuits, cheese cubes, lamb ear nibbles.

What should I pay attention to when feeding pet snacks?

When you are training your pets, try to choose small, easy snacks to swallow, so that pets will not spend too much time eating snacks, causing distractions or delays in training. If you want to do more advanced training, it is recommended to choose pet food with a stronger taste, such as meat snacks.

When choosing pet snacks before going to bed, better pick some ingredients that can calm their mood, such as chamomile and valerian root. In addition, please do not give pets hard snacks to avoid breaking their teeth. Some pets are too excited and it may cause them to choke when eating the snacks.

How to Choose Pet Food in Hong Kong?

Choose pet food with natural and simple ingredients

In order to let your pet eat safely and healthily, in addition to carefully selecting the ingredients, you should also pay attention to whether it contains preservatives, artificial colouring and other additives that will burden your pets’ body. You should choose as simple and natural snacks as possible. Although most of the available pet products in the market have passed the food safety inspection, some additives may still affect health after long-term consumption.

Pay attention to allergens

In addition, animal oils contained in snacks, or by-products such as bones, internal organs, and grain shells generated during processing may also cause allergies. If your pet is sensitive to food, it is best to avoid choosing this type of pet product.

Choose pet food with safe shape and moderate hardness

Pet snacks with hard texture or jerky shapes with sharp corners may harm the pets’ mouth or digestive tract. Even bones are the favourite snacks of dogs, they can also be dangerous. If a dog swallows a large piece of bone, it may cause intestinal blockage, and the sharp edge of the bone may scratch the gastrointestinal tract and cause bleeding. Therefore, you must pay attention to the hardness and shape of the snacks when purchasing, especially puppies have very small mouths and weak bite force, which can easily cause damage to the dog's teeth. In addition, most pets swallow snacks in one bite. Pet owners can buy snacks that are large and must be bitten for a long time to let your pet learn to eat slowly or choose some pet food that will not cause danger.

Pay attention to the minimum age of snacks consumption

Because pets are prone to indigestion, there are many snacks that will exclude puppies from the applicable objects. Please pay more attention to the minimum age of snacks before buying. Moreover, snacks may not only cause additional health problems such as obesity, tartar, and calculus. If you give your pet too many strong-flavoured snacks during their young age, they may become picky and not eat simple and natural foods in the future.

In addition, some large dogs have the bad habit of not chewing and swallowing the food directly. Some pet snacks, therefore, are not recommended for them. Owners must carefully check the packaging labels when purchasing.

Suggestions for Pet Snacks in HK

After choosing snacks that are suitable for pets, it is also important to store and give snacks correctly. The following suggestions for the use of pet snacks are provided for owners as a reference.

Do not overfeed your pets

The recommended amount on the snack package is mostly based on the assumption that the pets have sufficient exercise and weight standards; however, most pets in Hong Kong live indoors, and not every pet ​​are the same size. Each pet has a different body shape and physical condition. It is suggested that the recommended amount on the package be regarded as the "maximum consumption amount". Do not exceed this amount as a benchmark to avoid burdening your pet’s body when feeding snacks.

Break the pet food into small pieces

Some pets are more alert and often want to hide first when they get food. However, long-term exposure of snacks to the air not only easy to deteriorate but also easy to cause ants or cockroaches in the home. In fact, as long as you break the snacks into a bite-sized amount, or put the snacks directly in the kennel, you can avoid the idea of ​​hiding food.

Follow the storage instructions on the package

First of all, everyone must know that the expiry date on the snack packaging refers to the time during which the quality can be maintained in the unopened state. Once opened, the expiration on the packaging loses its reference. Hong Kong has a hot and humid climate, the taste and freshness of snacks will quickly decline or even deteriorate after opening, so it is recommended to eat them within one month. In order to avoid the breeding of bacteria or deterioration of snacks, it is better to consume within a month and put the opened snacks in an airtight container or airtight bag. After that, put them into the refrigerator according to the preservation instructions of the package. For the storage methods, they may vary from different pet products. Please pay attention to the instructions on the packages.

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Rich in Protein

Dog snacks are selected from major brands and sourced from fresh meat ingredients. They are rich in high-quality protein and nutrients. They are hypoallergenic and mild, allowing your dog to eat healthily and at ease!

Natural ingredients

PetShack sells lots of pet products in Hong Kong and they are all manufactured with natural ingredients, no chemical fragrances, and the most natural aroma of the ingredients. Fresh ingredients for human consumption are used to ensure peace of mind for pets!

Diversified Pet Products

Are you worried that your pet will not eat your delicate snacks? There are diversified pet product brands, including Northwest Naturals, Purpose, Lily’s Kitchen and other brands, allowing you to have more diversified choices!

If you purchase our pet food online at our HK pet shop, you can enjoy free delivery with no minimum amount!

Frequently Asked Questions

All pet products of PetShack are free of additives, artificial coloring, and preservatives. They are 100% safe and are healthy to your pets.

As Hong Kong has a humid climate, some pet foods need to be stored in refrigerator after opening. It is recommended to read the instructions on the food packaging carefully.

Most of our products are suitable for all kinds of pets. All snacks are recommended for pets over 6 months old.

If you are interested in our pet products and want to purchase at our HK online pet shop, you can place an order at our website or send us a message on WhatsApp at (852) 56185164.

Free shipping is available for any amount of spending, we have no minimum charge. Our pet food delivery is free within HK area.

Our pet food delivery in Hong Kong is usually expected to take 1-5 days, depending on the delivery time required by the courier company. We will send you an email when the delivery has been sent out. If you would like to know more about the pet food delivery details, free feel to contact us.

We are so sorry that we only provide pet food delivery service within Hong Kong at the moment.

All pet food that is sold in PetShack is made of non-genetically modified ingredients. For more information about our pet food information, please contact us.

The most common food allergens are beef, dairy products and wheat. Please be aware of the ingredients at the back of each pet food packages.

Cats and dogs are like human, they also have the problem of obesity. Snacks are only a small part of the diet. Lots of experts suggest that the daily calorie intake of snacks should be less than 10% of the total daily pet food intake. The appropriate amount of snacks can help to increase mutual trust and interaction with pets. It can be rewarded after the pet has brushed his teeth or after a vaccination.

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