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Toys are important props for dogs who need to wait for their owners for a long time at home to relieve stress, resist depression, and even distract and increase exercise. Among all the different dog toys, whether they can be played on their own, or a throwing and pulling toy that can interact with the owner and increase the amount of activity, they are all very popular types. In recent years, more manufacturers have developed educational toys that can be for fun and for rewarding.

However, there are lots of choices in the market, how should I choose among the wide variety of dog toys in Hong Kong? Here, we are going to give you some ideas.

Tips for buying dog toys in Hong Kong

PetShack is one of the popular online pet shops that sells dog toys in Hong Kong. We always provide some quality and safe toys that could bring joyful moments to our pet friends.

Dogs usually use their smell and bites to explore the world, therefore, dog toys have to meet the safety requirements. Below are the tips on how to choose the best toys for your dogs.

Dog toys can be divided into four types: "biting", "pulling", "tossing", and "snack tins" according to the way they are used. The characteristics of the four types will be explained one by one below.

Training toys: suitable for puppies during teething and bite force training of adult dogs

Every kind of dog will go through a period of teething and changing teeth. Dogs are prone to itching and uncomfortable, so they will constantly want to bite things; besides the nose, the mouth is the most commonly used to explore. Even when dogs have changed their teeth, they will still bite new things due to curiosity.

In addition, dogs can play alone with the biting toy without the assistance of the owner. It is a good thing for dogs to kill them when they watch the house for you. If you use dog toys to assist in behaviour training, dogs can be trained not to bite people.

When purchasing, you must pay attention to the material and safety of chewing toys. In order to avoid health hazards caused by accidental ingestion, it is best to choose edible chewing toys.

Interactive Toys: Play and interact in a small space

Modern people are busy at work, not everyone has time to take their dogs out to play regularly, so many people choose to interact with them at home. The best way to let the dog vent his energy in a small space is the "pull game". It is the dog's instinct to bite and pull. During the process, not only can the bite force be exercised, but the muscles of the whole body can also be exercised.

Throwing and catching toys: can be thrown and rolled, which helps to increase the amount of exercise

Among different dog toys in Hong Kong, "toss toys" are the one that can increase the amount of exercise most. They can be balls, dolls, or frisbees, which are small objects that are easy to throw, roll, and are easy for dogs to hold. The owner can play the game of throwing away and picking up the interactive toys. The owner can vigorously throw things far away and guide the dog to run to pick them up. Doing exercise not only can reduce stress, but also to improve the relationship with the pet owner.

Because tossing toys requires space to run freely, it is not suitable for indoors with a lot of clutter. It is recommended to take the dog to the courtyard or park to play. Although it is a dog's instinct to chase the thrown toy, the action of returning the toy to the owner requires training. When you start playing, please start with a short distance, and then slowly expand it when the dog learns to return the toy to the owner. If the dog refuses to return the toy, you can try to divert attention with snacks and let them put down the toy naturally.

However, it should be noted that not all small dogs are suitable for playing dropping and picking games. Be sure to evaluate your own dog's physical ability and personality before buying toys!

Puzzle Snack Jar: It contains small snacks, which can divert the dog's attention and relieve the loneliness of being alone

Now there is also a small dog toys with snacks that allows dogs to explore and touch themselves and think about how to get rewards. Some toys can stick their tongues in to lick the mash; others can roll out snacks, so that dogs can focus on researching the ways to eat snacks and help them kill the boring time at home alone; when the dog is agitated or even barking It can also be used to divert their attention.

It should be noted that some dogs may be impatient with puzzle games and they may tear the toys apart, and some dogs may show no interest in the toys. When you purchase, remember to carefully evaluate the needs of the dogs and the difficulty of the toys, lest they refuse to play or feel frustrated.

Major Dog - Boomer

Boomer is a sturdy and robust retrieval toy with a squeaky on the inside. Not only great for throwing, it also floats on water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe if my dog swallows the toys accidentally?

Don’t worry. All of our dog toys are made with safe materials. If your dog swallows the toy fragment accidentally, it won’t be harmful. However, we still recommend you to bring your dog to the clinic to check to avoid any suffocation or intestine blockage.

How many dog toys should I order to get free shipping?

We have no minimum spending and you can enjoy free standard shipping of all kinds of dog toys  in Hong Kong.

What is the best dog toy for my pet?

As long as you know what kind of toys your dog likes and is safe to play with, it is the best toy. At PetShack, we have lots of different types of dog toys for you to choose from. You can enjoy free delivery in Hong Kong with no minimum purchase.