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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best dog toy for my pet?

As long as you know what kind of toys your dog likes and is safe to play with, it is the best toy. At PetShack, we have lots of different types of dog toys for you to choose from.

2. Why is it essential to have dog toys?

Modern people are busy at work, not everyone has time to take their dogs out to play regularly, so many people choose to interact with them at home. The best way to let the dog vent his energy in a small space is the "pull game". It is the dog's instinct to bite and pull. During the process, not only can the bite force be exercised, but the muscles of the whole body can also be exercised. Throwing and catching toys can be thrown and rolled, which helps to increase the amount of exercise.

3. Is it safe if my dog swallows the toys accidentally?

Don’t worry. All of our dog toys are made with safe materials. If your dog swallows the toy fragment accidentally, it won’t be harmful. However, we still recommend you to bring your dog to the clinic to check to avoid any suffocation or intestine blockage.

4. How many dog toys should I order to get free shipping?

With minimum spending of $200, you can enjoy free standard shipping of all kinds of dog toys  in Hong Kong.

5. How can I combine dog treats & toys?

Now there are interactive dog toys with treats that allows dogs to explore and touch themselves and think about how to get rewards. Some toys can stick their tongues in to lick the mash; others can roll out snacks, so that dogs can focus on researching the ways to eat treats and help them kill the boring time at home alone; when the dog is agitated or even barking It can also be used to divert their attention.

It should be noted that some dogs may be impatient with puzzle games and they may tear the toys apart, and some dogs may show no interest in the toys. When you purchase, remember to carefully evaluate the needs of the dogs and the difficulty of the toys, lest they refuse to play or feel frustrated.

Playtime With Dog Toys

PetShack offers extensive selection of premium dog toys for safe & smart playtime. From Instagramable Plush Toys to best-selling puzzle treat toy designed to be filled with your pup's favorite kibble or treats. Planet-friendly dog toys that truly meet the needs of modern pet parents, all at a reasonable price.

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