Australian Treats

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WAG - Rabbit Ears (30 Pack)

WAG - Rabbit Ears Rabbit Ears are extra healthy, super lean and downright delicious - no funny bunny business. They boast beneficial nutrients like Vitamin B12, Niacin B3 in a...

WAG - Moo Tube

WAG - Moo Tube Moo tubes are long lasting and good for dental health! Made from 100% Aussie beef and grain free, Moo tubes include glucosamine which keeps your puppy joints...

WAG - Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone

WAG - Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone Combining succulent bone and delectable natural jerky meat, Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone is great for your dog. While your dog chews on these bones, they scrap...

WAG - Kangaroo Tendons (50g)

WAG - Kangaroo Tendons (50g) Ready for a low-fat and iron-rich dog treat? Kangaroo tendons are a hypoallergenic protein, with Omega-3 and essential minerals included. They are rich in natural collagen and fibre, super important...

WAG - Kangaroo Jerky (200g)

WAG - Kangaroo Jerky (200g) Kangaroo Jerky contains high levels of Omega-3 and natural B12 vitamins. They are hypoallergenic, low in fat and made 100% natural, grain-free and air dried...

WAG - Kangaroo Cubes (200g)

WAG - Kangaroo Cubes (200g) Made from 100% Kangaroo leg meat, Kangaroo Cubes are all natural and free range. Kangaroo meat is soft, chewy and perfect for healthy teeth. With Omega-3...

WAG - Kangaroo Ribs (200g)

WAG - Kangaroo Ribs Kangaroo Ribs are in manageable pieces for any dog of any size or chewing nature to sink their teeth into. This treat will last all night,...

WAG - Chicken Necks (200g)

WAG - Chicken Necks You'll find no grains nor additives in this Chicken jerky. Neither cooked nor raw, Chicken Necks are a dehydrated feast for the eyes and the stomach....

WAG - Pig Ear Small (10 Pack)

WAG - Pig Ear Small Keep looking out for your doggo’s best dental health with this 100% Pork single-ingredient treat. Big on protein, hard on plaque and each bite is...

WAG - Kangaroo Fillet (50g)

WAG - Kangaroo Fillet  Made from Kangaroo Heart and good for your dog’s heart, Kangaroo Fillet is lean, low in fat and hypoallergenic. This crunchy fillet is high in iron,...

WAG - Split Large Goat Horn

WAG - Split Large Goat Horn Turn to good health with seriously great, 100% grain-free Split Goat Horns. Natural is their middle (first and last) name, scrubbing at plaque and...

WAG - Kangaroo Tail Piece

WAG - Kangaroo Tail Piece If you got a dog that has time to spare and loves biting, give them a Kangaroo Tail Piece. Its taste and tough-textured crunch make it the...

WAG - Kangaroo Rib Rack

WAG - Kangaroo Rib Rack Kangaroo Rib Rack are 100% free range, all natural and long lasting. This kangaroo treat is loaded with health benefits of calcium, phosphorous and glucosamine. Tasty lean meat...

WAG - Kangaroo Large Bone

WAG - Kangaroo Large Bone All natural, uncooked and dehydrated, kangaroo bones are lean and high in fat. Packed with glucosamine, calcium and beneficial phosphorus, this treat is also tasty and healthy...

WAG - Shark Cartilage (50g)

WAG - Shark Cartilage (50g) Each bite of this Shark Cartilage treat is jam-packed with glucosamine and Omega Fatty Acids enhancing healthy coat shine and soothing inflammation. This treat is...

WAG - Blue Whiting (50g)

WAG - Blue Whiting (50g) Packed with Omega-3 and made 100% Natural, this seafood sensation is suitable for sensitive dogs. This treat is not only tasty but it's loaded with...
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