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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Raw Food Diet for Dogs & cats?

A raw diet, meaning the food is uncooked, mirrors what the carnivorous ancestors of cats and dogs ate in the wild. These carnivores would catch live prey and eat a diet that included a large majority of meat, organs, and bone, along with a high moisture content. Raw Natural Pet Food for Dogs & Cats is packed with nutrients and offers many benefits to promote whole body health.

Stella & Chewy’s goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of our raw foods through a unique food safety procedure so you can always feel confident you’re bringing a safe product into your home.

Is a Raw Food Diet Right for My Dogs & Cats?

Stella & Chewy’s frozen raw diets offer complete and balanced nutrition for All Life Stages. This means that a raw diet is appropriate for puppies, adults, and seniors alike. Dogs at any life stage can benefit from raw!

If your cat has a known health condition you should check with your vet before making any change to their diet.

If your cat is a picky eater, transitioning to a raw cat food diet might take more time and patience. However, many cats make the change to a raw diet easily. Stella & Chewy’s frozen cat foods offer complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. This means that a raw diet is appropriate for kittens, adults, and senior cats alike.

How do I transition my pet to a raw food diet?

Whether you’ve just adopted a new dog or cat, or you’re looking to improve your pet’s current diet, there are many reasons to choose Stella & Chewy’s. Transitioning your pet to a new food requires a slow transition over a recommended 7-10 days.

How Do I Safely Feed Raw Food to My Dog or Cat?

The easiest way to feed your cat or dog a real raw diet is to give them raw pet food that is biologically appropriate and specially formulated to meet their needs. Purchasing a pre-made raw pet food is not only convenient for you, but means your pet is getting complete and balanced nutrition. Many raw pet food brands also go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their raw foods which can eliminate that concern for you.

Stella & Chewy’s offers frozen raw and freeze-dried raw diets for both cats and dogs. We HPP (high-pressure process) all of our raw foods to effectively eliminate any harmful pathogens. We then send all batches to be tested for E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria and list these results on our website so you can look up your product LOT number for peace of mind.

Frozen Raw patties for dogs mirror an ancestral diet with 85-95% meat, organs, and bone. Recipes offer complete and balanced nutrition and include certified organic fruits and vegetables, along with probiotics and antioxidants to support whole-body health. 

Frozen Raw Morsels for cats mirror a feline’s ancestral diet with 98% meat, organs, and bone. These diets offer complete and balanced nutrition, along with probiotics and antioxidants to help your cat thri

Do I need to rehydrate frozen raw food?

Our freeze-dried raw food can be fed dry or rehydrated prior to feeding. If you choose to use the products dry, please be sure your pet is drinking plenty of water at mealtime. If your pet is not a big drinker, or you are afraid that they may not get enough water, then we would suggest rehydrating the food with cool or warm (never hot) water or broth prior to feeding. If fed dry, the food can sit out for up to 12 hours prior to discarding. If fed rehydrated, the food can sit out for up to 2 hours.

Why choose Stella & Chewy's raw pet food over other brands?
  • Responsibly Sourced Animal Proteins
  • Irresistible taste of raw
  • Mirrors your pet's ancestral diet
  • Crafted in the USA
  • 90-98% Meat, Organ and Bone

Stella & Chewy's - Only the good stuff!

Raw food is the closest thing your pet can eat to their ancestral diet. It tastes incredible and helps with keeping a healthy weight, shiny coat, cleaner teeth, supports stronger muscle, bone and joint health, and helps improve energy! Stella & Chewy is proud to offer 100% complete and balanced diets to help cats and dogs thrive.

Explore our selection today, including Frozen Raw Dog Food and Frozen Raw Cat Food and make the switch to give your furry friend the nutrition they deserve!