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Healthy and Tasty Cat Food & Treats in Hong Kong

Many cat lovers buy some cat snacks to make their cats happy in order to cultivate relationships. However, there are many cat snacks on the market, ranging from mashed meat, paste, dry food biscuits, bagged raw meat, and freeze-dried or dehydrated ingredients, etc. The ingredients, calories and origin of cat treats are not the same, and the types for kittens and cats are different.

Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose cat snacks, and will recommend some popular cat treats products from brands such as Purpose, Northwest Naturals, etc., which have various functions such as hair removal, tooth cleaning, joint health, etc.

How to Choose Cat Food in Hong Kong?

PetShack is an online store that sells a variety of cat food in Hong Kong. When looking at all these different cat treats, you may have no idea where to start. Remember, cats are quite picky in choosing their snacks. There are still many points to note when shopping. Below are some tips for you to choose the best cat food in Hong Kong for your cat.

Choose the appropriate type according to the purpose

Cat snacks can be roughly divided into 4 types.

Next, we are going to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Please choose the best choice according to the feeding occasion and the cat's preferences.

Wet Food: Easy to eat and with good taste

For elderly cats who are not able to bite hard food, it is recommended to choose soft and wet food. The high water content in wet food is really useful when cats refuse to eat dry food and drink water.

Besides, wet food has a good taste that can increase the appetite of cats. There are lots of flavours, easy to eat and easy to open. The cat owner can feed their cats little by little, allowing cats to enjoy the delicious cat treats for a longer time.

Dry Food: Easy to carry and easy to control the amount - the most suitable for training and rewards

If you want to use cat food to do toilet training on cats, cut their nails, or attract cats' attention when going out, it is suggested to start with dry food cat snacks. When the cat is eager to eat, you can control the amount of cat food one by one to avoid excessive calorie intake. Some manufacturers are selling some individual packaging cat treats, which can be easily carried with you when you are out for a long time, such as taking your cat to see a doctor.

Soft, bagged category: soft and bite, full of taste

If you want cats to enjoy eating, it is highly recommended to choose some soft, bagged snacks that retain the original and flavour of the ingredients. Among them, chicken breast, bonito, and crab meat are some good choices. Although they are not as easy to eat as wet food, they allow cats that are not good at eating hard food to enjoy the soft taste and rich flavour. Since this kind of snack retains the moisture and aroma of the original ingredients, most cats love the taste of it, it is a good choice to deal with some picky cats.

Freeze-dried Diet: Suitable for nutritional supplements or snacks before meals

Freeze-dried can retain the nutrients of the ingredients, they are perfect for cats with a small amount of food and undernutrition. And if the cat lacks interest in dry food, it can also be added as a side dish to promote appetite. Many of them are made with only a single ingredient so that the pet owner can feed your cats with peace of mind.

Choose from ingredients and functions

Many cat snacks on the market have additional functions to maintain the good health of your cats. Cat owners can choose snacks that are beneficial to their cats' bodies and minds according to their physical condition.

Hair Removal, hairball cleaning: Suitable for cats that are prone to spit hair ball

Since cats use their tongues to clean their body hair, they will swallow the fallen hair and form hairballs deep in the throat, especially for long-haired cats. You can choose hair-smelling formula snacks containing dietary fibre ingredients, which can coat the hair stuck in the deep throat and excrete it with faeces. If cats refuse to eat dry food or hate cat grass with the same effect, you might as well start with this type of snack.

Teeth Cleaning: It can keep teeth fresh even if you are not good at brushing their teeth

If cats do not like brushing their teeth and have bad breath problems, choosing cat snacks with a "cleansing effect" or "oral care effect" is recommended. Cats will naturally secrete saliva during chewing and clean the mouth through chlorophyll and other ingredients. If you want to maintain the cleanliness of the mouth, it is best to choose a suitable cat toothbrush and develop a good habit of regular brushing.

Kidney Care: Suitable for elderly cats without causing physical burden

Products with "kidney care effects" or "kidney health maintenance effects" can be considered for mature cats and some cats in old ages. Kidney disease is one of the common diseases in cats. Generally, cats will have a higher risk of having kidney disease after the age of 7. Therefore, this age can be used as a benchmark to maintain body health and prevent getting sick. However, keep in mind that overfeeding cat treats may cause obesity and other diseases. When interacting with cats or giving out snacks as a reward, be sure to control the amount of food.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I give cat food or snacks to my kitten or cat?

We recommend you to set a routine meal time for your cat to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Cat treats could be used occasionally in training or rewards.

How many should I order to get free cat food delivery in Hong Kong?

We have no minimum spending and you can enjoy free standard shipping of all kinds of cat food, snacks and treats delivery in Hong Kong.

I am living in a remote area in Hong Kong, can I enjoy the free cat food delivery service?

We only provide cat food delivery services to the urban area in Hong Kong, we may have a surcharge if the delivery address is out of our service area. If you want to know which districts we cover, feel free to contact us for more details.

If the cat food delivery items are wrong, what can I do?

We offer a 14 days return/exchange policy to our customers in Hong Kong. If you find that the items in the cat food delivery are wrong, please notify us within 7 days and we will offer a free exchange service to you.

What should I do if my cat refuses to eat?

Sometimes, when cats are not in good condition or get moody, they may refuse to eat and stay at the corner of the house or hide under the sofa. You can try to use some cat snacks/treats to draw their attention. You may also give them some wet food instead so that they can easily digest and absorb the nutrition.