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Healthy and Tasty Dog Food & Treats in Hong Kong

There are many dog food on the market, and the shapes, types, and raw materials used are also quite diversified. They can be used not only as nutritional supplements and rewards, but also as incentives during training. However, the nutritional content and specifications of each snack are quite different. If you want your dog to eat happily and nutritiously, you must choose the formula according to your dog's needs.

Let's show you how to select high-quality snacks appropriately by considering the needs of pets and introduce you with a variety of popular dog products in Hong Kong, including Baking Heads, WAG, Roam and other dog food brands, are listed among them. Follow the footsteps of the article to choose a few suitable snacks for your dog to enhance the intimate interaction between each other.

Why do dogs need snacks?

Dog snacks mainly have two major functions: "communication" and "nutrition supplement". Snacks can be used as rewards when discipline behaviours or training skills to let dogs know that they are doing the right thing and gain a sense of accomplishment. Dog treats can also be used to calm their anxiety and reduce their negative feelings on bathing, cutting nails, and seeing a doctor. Sometimes, giving dog snacks can also establish a trusting relationship between the owner and the dog with the interaction. In addition, choosing dog food in HK that is made with special formula can also act as a nutrition supplement, so that your dog can maintain a balanced diet.

But dog snacks are not a necessary diet item. When using snacks to communicate or reward pets, owners must carefully control the amount the dog treats and give them at appropriate times to avoid excessive intake of nutrients and cause obesity. The rewards for training should be distinguished from the usual snacks to not lose their attractiveness due to overeating.

How to choose dog snacks or treats in Hong Kong?

When buying dog food and snacks in HK, in addition to considering your dog's age and physical condition, raw materials, ingredients, palatability and other conditions, the way to purchase them will vary according to different purposes.

Choose the appropriate type of dog treats according to the purpose

Before purchasing, you must first clarify the purpose of the dog snacks, and choose the appropriate portion and formula according to the purpose. When purchasing dog food in our HK online shop, you should prioritise the way and the time of giving snacks. The following will sort out 6 common uses and suitable snack types as a reference direction.

Dog snacks to award dogs for looking after the house

In order to keep the dog from being bored when watching the house alone, many people choose to use chew and educational toys that can be played with and fed to relieve their dog's loneliness, so that they can eat snacks while playing. However, dogs are prone to accidentally swallowing the whole snack while chewing on the toy, posing a risk of suffocation. It is recommended that parents of furry children who are busy at work should give priority to dry food with particles smaller than the dog’s mouth, or mashed snacks, to prevent the dog from choking accidentally when unattended.

Dog treats as a reward

If the dog is more territorial or is prone to bark loudly at strangers, you can try to distract the dog with some dog treats. When the dog stops barking, you can give the dog treats immediately as a reward.

It is recommended to choose snacks that are easy to carry, have a strong aroma, and are slightly harder to break. Usually, you can put them in your outing bag or pocket for use when you go for a walk. In order to maintain the distracting effect of snacks, please separate the snacks that prevent barking from the snacks you use every day, so that the dog is aware of the principle of "you can eat some special flavours when you walk in silence." In addition, it is best to choose a product that has a strong smell once opened, so that it can immediately attract the dog's attention.

Training puppies - Choose snacks that are similar in taste

Because training requires repeated practice, the amount of snacks intake is particularly large, which should be regarded as a part of the meal. Especially the puppies have limited food intake, and it is easy to eat the dog snacks during the training. It is recommended to choose the taste and ingredients. Snacks similar to normal meals and wet food are used as snacks for training puppies to avoid eating disorders.

And if your dog is currently eating wet food, but you plan to replace it with dry food in the future, you can also buy some dog snacks that taste and smell similar to dry food. This transition period can slowly let the dog get used to this hard, crunchy taste.

Supplementary nutrition: Snacks rich in animal protein

When your pet's food intake is small or you want to supplement your pet's nutrition, it is suggested to take snacks made from natural food that is rich in animal protein such as fish and meat. Although calories must also be considered when choosing snacks, dogs with stunted growth and low exercise are prone to insufficient nutritional intake. Protein content should be in priority when selecting, and calories value should be the next point to consider after the necessary nutrients are sufficient for the body.

Weight control: snacks based on fish ingredients

For dogs who need to control their weight, the fat content of fish is relatively small and helps to control calories. Therefore, choosing snacks based on fish ingredients can achieve a good diet. Pet owners can use snacks that focus on weight loss to help their dogs to control their weight. In addition, dog food like turkey jerky baked at low temperature, chicken breast jerky is also a low-calorie, high-protein high-quality choice. You may wish to pay more attention when purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I currently feed my dog freely, is that appropriate?

We suggest dog owners to check the recommended dosage on the back of dog treats’ package to control the amount of dog food intake. However, we understand that some owners do not have a fixed schedule for dog feeding and sometimes provide food according to the dog's needs. However, we strongly advise the owners to set a routine for dogs' meals and control the intake amount to avoid obesity or being under-weight of your pet.

2. Will eating wet food be nutritionally unbalanced?

Our concept is that whether you use dry food or wet food, the diversity of food is very important. Keep eating the same kind of food will naturally have a nutritional imbalance over time.

Our concept is that whether you use dry food or wet food, the diversity of food is very important. Keep eating the same kind of food will naturally have a nutritional imbalance over time. We suggest you try to choose a variety of dietary combinations for your pets. When the ingredients are diversified, you will naturally achieve a balanced and healthy diet for a long time. We especially remind you here that most of the dog treats we sell are nutritionally balanced. You can try to change the feeding from dry food to wet food or both. Please be reminded that you have to take it slow to shift between dry food and wet food to let the pets to adapt.

3. How long does it take for dog food delivery in Hong Kong?

Our dog food delivery in Hong Kong is usually expected to take 1-4 days, depending on the delivery time required by the courier company. We will send you an email when the delivery has been sent out. If you would like to know more about the dog food delivery details, free feel to contact us.

4. How to store dog snacks/treats in Hong Kong?

The climate in Hong Kong is humid, we suggest you to store the dog snacks/treats in a cool and dry place. if you have opened the packages, you can keep the food in the refrigerator.