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The most effective way to interact with your dearest pets or maintain their exercise habits is to use cat toys for friends who have cats. There are many types of cat toys in Hong Kong, which can be divided into spherical, fluffy and light-up. You must be very curious when you raise a cat for the first time. What kind of cat toys can arouse the interest of cats/kittens? To let them happily integrate and become a part of your family, you have to pay some effort to understand what to prepare!

Tips of choosing cat toys in Hong Kong

Cats are divided into 3 stages of development, just like humans. From young cats, adult cats to mature cats, their preferences and interests in things are different in each stage. Now, we are going to discuss what kind of toys are suitable for them according to the habits of cats. If you are a cat lover or going to be a cat parent, let's take a look!

Cat toys that can stimulate their hunting instinct

Hunting is a cat's instinct. As long as there is something like prey, the cat will definitely catch it without thinking. So let us introduce what kind of toys have such characteristics!

Cat toys with sound effect: Arouse cat's interest through sound

For the cat's five senses, the most developed non-hearing sense is none other than hearing. Their hearing has evolved to five times that of humans due to their hunting instincts. For example, the high-frequency rat sounds that humans cannot hear, but cats can hear them clearly. And their pointed ears collect sound and can distinguish the left and right directions of the sound by erecting their ears, which is really powerful.

So, what kind of sound can simulate prey to attract the attention of kittens? The answer is "plastic bag"! There are many theories about the reasons why cats like plastic bags. It is nothing more than the rustling noise they make when they lick the plastic bags. Some people think that they are excited because of a special smell on the plastic bags. Therefore, owners can consider buying cat toys that make noise or plastic materials to stimulate the kitten's desire to play. Here at PetShack Hong Kong, some cat toys that can produce sounds when cats hit on them.

Simulate the movement of real prey to attract kittens

Kittens are particularly interested in moving things, but regular isokinetic motions will not attract them! Brake statically and move here and there will be more attractive to cats as the toy is like real prey in their eyes! Kittens are usually very responsive to funny cat sticks at the beginning, a lightly wave in front of them at close range can arouse their hunting instincts. But a few minutes later, kittens will start getting lazy and lie on the ground, indicating that they are tired of such games and need more advanced gameplay!

Pet owners can use some sticks, such as fishing rods, to attract the attention of kittens by making sounds or movements with a feather to make it like prey. And this type of toy can also train kittens to catch and jump instantly.

Material that can grind teeth and claws at the same time

Although domestic cats no longer need to hunt for survival, the instinct to bite, scratch, and chase their prey still exists. Therefore, cat owners can also choose plush toys for your lovely kittens and cats. Compared with hard plastic materials, the furry touch makes the scratching process more realistic, allowing cats to learn to control their paws or grind their teeth through interacting with toys.

Someone said that cat punches are as fast as a flash, but the cat's back kick is also a very threatening skill! When a cat catches a prey, it will hold the prey with its front feet, and then kick it quickly, which is an instinctive behaviour. Therefore, choosing a toy with a larger size so that the cat can satisfy their natural instinct. In addition, fluffy cat toys are also quite popular. Not only the cat toys are small in size and light in weight, but they can also be easily moved when playing with cats to have better movements.

Bright colors that draw attention

Cats see fewer colours than humans, and they cannot easily distinguish among different colours! Therefore, choosing bright and sharp colours, such as purple, blue, green and yellow, will attract cats more than dull colours when you buy them cat toys. Therefore, before any purchase, remember colour is one of the important factors to choose cat toys.

PetShack is the best online cat toys shop in Hong Kong, selling a variety of cat toys and bring joy to you and your lovely cat! Explore our products now and enjoy free shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old can my kitten start to play with cat toys?

We recommend kittens that are aged 6 months or above to start playing with cat toys.

How many cat toys should I order to get free shipping in Hong Kong?

We have no minimum spending and you can enjoy free standard shipping of all kinds of cat toys delivery in Hong Kong.

If I live overseas, can I still order cat toys at your online shop?

At the moment, we only sell cat toys within Hong Kong.