HYPONIC Hypoallergenic Waterless Shampoo - For All Pets 190ml

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HYPONIC Hypoallergenic Waterless Shampoo - For All Pets

HYPONIC is short for “hypoallergenic” meaning mild and causing less allergic reaction, a companion animal hypoallergenic brand. Hyponic works with top-notch experts to study and provide the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible for our companion animals.

The brand HYPONIC combines the finest, highest quality ingredients using leading technology with careful consideration for animals. We are committed to being a brand you can trust that was created from the heart with only the safest quality ingredients and you can know are giving your furry loved only the best.

Keep Clean Everyday. 100% natural hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients gently cleanse the dirty hair or feet. Adding rich cypress water can replenish the moisture needed for coats and maintain moisture and luster.

  • 100% Natural Cleaning Agents
  • No Conditioner Required
  • Rich & Creamy

  • Ingredients are keys! Shampoo is easily absorbed through the pet’s skin. Your pet’s skin is more sensitive than human skin and far more susceptible to harmful ingredients. High-end shampoo formulated without harmful chemicals for the clean beauty, health-conscious consumer.

    When To Use

    Great on-the-go convenience, for in-between baths, family trips, muddy paws and even for the occasional pet accident!

  • After a daily walk
  • After going to toilet
  • Can't touch water after surgery
  • Getting dirty on a part of hair

  • How To Use

    Press out an appropriate amount of foam, and then massage the area that needs to be cleaned. After the dirt is dissolved, wipe it with a dry cloth to complete.

    Do you know what kind of ingredients are in your pet's shampoo?

    HYPONIC Hypoallergenic Shampoo uses superior, natural ingredients to give a soft, rich feeling to your pet’s coat.

    Water | Disodium | Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water | Methylpropanediol Cirric Acid | PPG-3 Myristyl Ether | Methylaminopropionate | Ethylhexylglycerin | 1,2-Hexanediol | Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate | Sodium Lauroyl

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