HYPONIC Hinoki Cypress Detangling Mist Delicate Scent - For All Pets 237ml

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HYPONIC Hinoki Cypress Detangling Mist Delicate Scent - For All Pets

HYPONIC is short for “hypoallergenic” meaning mild and causing less allergic reaction, a companion animal hypoallergenic brand. Hyponic works with top-notch experts to study and provide the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible for our companion animals.

The brand HYPONIC combines the finest, highest quality ingredients using leading technology with careful consideration for animals. We are committed to being a brand you can trust that was created from the heart with only the safest quality ingredients and you can know are giving your furry loved only the best.

Suitable for daily use, adding 23% cypress water, royal jelly extract, red ginseng extract, etc. Detangling, anti-Static, keep up the moisture on coats and skin. Also, keeps coats bright and shiny. Spray on body mist is safe on coat and skin.

HYPONIC’s Safe+Reliable Detangling Moisturizing Mist Offers “ZERO” Use Of Surfactant.

Moisturizes and provides nutrient to pet’s dry fragile coating and skin and prevents hair tangling and static.

  • Free of surfacetants
  • 23% Chamaecyparis Obtuse
  • Completed hypoallergenic skin test
  • Moisturizing & Nourishing
  • Professional Perfumer
  • Detangling and Anti-static

  • Our solution to “Zero” use of surfactants comes from plant-derived Cypress. The ingredients that make up more than 95% of mist mists are water.

    Furthermore, various synthetic ingredients are added for moisturising, in addition to adding synthetic surfactants to mix well with each other.

    HYPONIC has been devoted to research to exclude surfactants, replacing synthetic raw materials with natural ingredients and confirmed the best moisturising power is at 23% Cypress concentration.

    When To Use

  • Before drying after bath
  • When brushing after a walk
  • To remove static from pet’s hair
  • When hair needs moisturising

  • How To Use

    Spray appropriate amount 20-30cm away from pet * Avoid Getting Into Eyes

    HYPONIC 100% All Ingredients Disclosed

    Water | Chamaecyparis Obtusa Extract | Dipropylene Glycol | Alcohol | Methylpropanediol Glycerin | Disodium EDTA | Royal Jelly Extract | Panax Ginseng Foo Extract | Parfum

    Royal Jelly is a natural ingredient that helps to form a skin barrier, replenish moisture, and provide nutrition.

    Red Ginseng is one of the most optimal natural ingredients to improve skin immunity.

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