Floryboost Anti-Diarrhea Paste for Dogs and Cats - 10ml

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Floryboost Anti-Diarrhea Paste for Dogs and Cats

  • Acute diarrhea management for pets.
  • Relieves symptoms in acute diarrhea (e.g. loose or liquid stools, frequent stools, gastrointestinal upset, flatulence, straining)
  • Prevents dehydration by replenishing electrolytes and glucose

Complementary Feed For Dogs and cats

Contains 5 active ingredients:

  • Activated charcoal – adsorb toxins from the gut, removing the cause of diarrhea
  • Montmorillonite – form a physical barrier along the gut lining, stops toxins from irritating the gastrointestinal tract and further absorbing into the body.
  • Probiotics (E.Faecium 550million CFU/ml) + Prebiotics (FOS) – correct microflora balance in the gut
  • Electrolytes (NaCl, KCl, MgCl2) + Dextrose – replenish electrolytes & water balance to prevent dehydration. Keep pets energised.

Special Features:

  • Syringe plunger – easy to dispense
  • To administer – numbers on handy wheel represents dose in ml. Rotate the wheel until it reaches the desired dose. Remove cap from the end of nozzle and administer FloryBoost paste directly into your animal’s mouth. Alternatively administer by mixing into normal feed.
  • FloryBoost should be used for 2-3 days, most animals will see an improvement in bowel motions & stools. If the situation has not improved, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Feeding Guides:

Give directly according to body weight as indicated below. Repeat dose every 4 hours.

Below 5kg: 1ml / twice daily
5 - 10kg: 2ml / twice daily
11 - 25kg: 4ml / twice daily
26 - 44kg: 6ml / twice daily
Above 45kg: 8ml / twice daily

NOTE: This product contains activated charcoal which may cause stools to appear black.

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