dear deer - Deer Antler - Small (1 Piece)

Type: Dog Snacks

Deer Antler - Small

Once piece per pack
* Naturally shed deer antler collect by farmer
* Super hard coating suitable for strong chewer
* Varies size which can fit for different dogs

dear deer is made from free range grass fed deer that forage in the natural landscape of New Zealand. With the freedom to roam in wild lush pastures, our deer are free from antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. The end product is untainted, nutritious and wholesome.

Jumbo freeze dried vacuum machine - dear deer is made by freeze - drying process that seals in all the nutrients, flavor and natural goodness of our free range grass fed venison. Freeze drying is the gold standard of preservation as it retains all the beneficial enzymes and other nutrients. It also enhances the taste and texture of the venison, making it a premium pet treat.

Recommendation: For pet which like to chew and fit for not picky pet
Chewibility: 5 stars

Healthy treats
dear deer treats are not only tasty but also offer unique health benefits


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