Cosset Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula for Senior Cats 30 Capsules


Cosset Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula for Senior Cats

The formula is catered for senior cats’ absorption ability of intestines, their general health condition and difficulties in decomposing medicine. Supported by efficacy proofs, cats can well-absorb the active ingredients and stimulate immunity, postpone aging symptoms and lowering the risk of having common aging health illnesses.

Powder Formula (Capsule) for Easy Absorption

For cats having difficulties in oral administration of capsules, owners can open the capsule and mix the medicinal powder with food or water for easy feeding and absorption of the essence of Cracked Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps.

No Meat and Bone Meal

Product formula for senior cats does not contain any meat and bone meal to avoid breeding and spreading of bacteria including mad cow disease and to maintain the proportion of active ingredients in the formula.

Combining Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps for All-rounded Benefits

Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are rich in cordyceps acid, polysaccharides, cordycepin, adenosine, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenoids, etc to enhance cellular immunity of cats, smooth trachea, improve respiratory system and alleviate bronchial problems. Prolonged usage of the formula can balance the body functions of cats and build up a strong body foundation.

Ingredients of Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum)

Supported by modern medical proof, Lingzhi naturally contains polysaccharides, germanium, triterpenoids, adenosine and various micronutrients. Its organogermanium compound content is 4-6 times higher than Ginseng which make it effective to protect the normal cells of pets, improve cats’ immunity, strengthen liver function, raise the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and enhance blood circulation to boost the overall pet’s energy level and improve their appetite.

Ingredients of Cordyceps

Cordyceps are rich in protein, cordyceps acid, adenosine, polysaccharides, alkaloids, vitamins and 19 kinds of amino acids, focusing on invigorating kidney and lung and improving the overall respiratory system and alleviating bronchial problems. The combination of Lingzhi and Cordyceps can effectively regulate the sick syndromes of cats and improve their overall health conditions. Long-term usage can slow down the aging process and keep cats under a youthful health condition.

Natural Supplement for Cats

Based on the unique digestive system of cats and unique technology on extraction and production of the formula, the product is different from other Lingzhi supplements for cats and human. It is specially manufactured to ensure cats’ effective absorption and long-term usage to improve cats’ immunity and alleviate the health problems of senior cats.

Natural Ingredients

The product purely contains natural Lingzhi extracts, so it has no western medicine such as caffeine, antibiotics, steroids. There is no such chemical substances as artificial coloring, preservatives, sedative and antioxidants added.

Product Benefits

Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are rich in cordyceps acid, polysaccharides, cordycepin, adenosine, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenoids, etc. Supported by various efficacy proofs, functions of Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are as below:

1. Stimulate and Adjust Immunity: Intensify the immune system of cats, reduce the chance of viral infection and incidence. Infection is a leading cause of death for cats, such as feline infections peritonitis and feline viral rhinotracheitis. Once infected, the virus will remain dormant in the body instead of being eliminated. When the immunity of cats weakens, the virus will be activated again.

2. Adjust the Functions of Kidney, Reduce the Chance of Getting Chronic Renal Failure: Strengthen kidney, help damaged kidney on self-repairing, so as to avoid renal failure or lower urinary tract diseases, as well as to alleviate the damage to kidney due to the intake of antibiotics or other medicines. The urine concentration of cats tends to be high. The burden of cats’ kidney is therefore heavy and tends to be overused in the long run, which will eventually cause the problem of chronic renal failure.

3. Fortify the Health of Heart against Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension: Effectively help on blood vasodilation, lower cholesterol, lipoprotein and triglycerides level, restrain the release of fatty acid, so as to keep the appropriate level of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose level. Also, it increases myocardial oxygen and energy supply and reduce the chance of getting heart diseases.

4. Strengthen Respiratory System and Improve Asthma: Suppress histamine and allergies, smooth trachea, and alleviate sensitive asthma or other respiratory illnesses, such as Bronchitis.

5. Control Diabetes: Protect overweight, senior and ligated male cats from getting diabetes. It can also replace insulin to suppress the release of fatty acid and enhance the consumption of glucose to regulate blood glucose level and alleviate the problem of glucose in urine.

6. Adjust Metabolism, Enhance Hair Follicles and Slow Down Hair Color Fading: Regulate and maintain the moisture of skin. Enhance and keep hair healthy and shiny, soothe problems such as hair color fading.

7. Alleviate the Side Effects during Cancer Treatment: Protect normal cells and ensure that they will not be affected by western medicines, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and reduce the corresponding side effects.

Product Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps (contains not less than 20% polysaccharides)

Suggested Daily Usage

• Prevention and Health Protection: 1 capsule daily, consumption in the morning is recommended
• Convalescence or Remedy: 1 – 2 capsules twice daily, consumption at day & night is recommended

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