WAG - Kangaroo Fillet (200g)

Type: Dog Treats

WAG - Kangaroo Fillet (200g)

Kangaroo Fillet is lean, low fat and hypoallergenic. Made from Kangaroo heart, its good for your dog's heart. They are loaded with protein and omega fatty acids, supports coat and skin. This crunchy fillet is high in iron, zinc and Omega-3 to give your dog a health boost. These treats are ideal for dogs with sensitives stomach and food allergies.


100% Kangaroo Heart


Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0%
Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%
Moisture (Max.) 12.0%

Size and Weight

5cm – 15cm
10g – 20g

Feeding Guide

WAG should be a small part of your dog’s natural balanced diet but with the big benefit of a healthy snack. Give your dog up to 5 Fillet pieces a day, supervised and within the bounds of a balanced diet.

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