Roam provides alternative meats also known as Novel Protein. Vets and industry experts are increasingly advocating for pet owners to incorporate more Novel Proteins in their pet diets. These alternative meats are a key nutritional complement of a healthier diet and a necessary complement to help prevent food allergies! These sources of highly nutritional, low fat protein come from animals raised in smaller farms, free to roam in their natural habitats, and fed balanced diets without the addition of hormones or artificial preservatives - the result is higher quality meat.

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Roam Play Lamb Protein Bites (150g)

Roam Play Lamb Protein Bites Teeth And Gums These protein-rich treats & chews are full of the natural flavors dogs love, and promote dental health. Protein Boost  Your pet needs...

Roam Play Beef & Cheese Protein Bites (150g)

Roam Play Beef & Cheese Protein Bites Beef & CheeseJust like you, your dog loves variety in their life and appreciates unique flavor combinations. The pairing of free-range Beef with...
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